My country is the country of forests. Even as a young girl, it was where I found my refuge while exploring and discovering... It’s where I felt free and had the feeling of being omnipotent. What I found especially enchanting was its wood. I really enjoyed touching it, and from time to time, I also created something out of it, bringing it home. In her kitchen, my simple wooden creation brought the most delight to my grandma.

And even if I later found out that my wooden handiworks had found their eternal rest in the stove, where the best dishes stewed in her pots, our exchange still gave me the privilege of tasting her cooking before anyone else, straight from her large wooden spoon.

Hence, even today, wood brings up my fondest memories and I always want to keep it “at hand.” Even in the kitchen.

And not only because of the memories but to a great extent for the respect towards nature, goodness, and everything that’s best too.

And because wood personifies a quality lifestyle for me, I also sought my business opportunity in it.

I found my way to it quickly when frantically searching for all those wooden tools my grandma used in the kitchen...

Because there were none, I made them myself. Not only for myself but also for you, as all good things are meant to be shared!